Salt or Pepper Mill in Purpleheart (Luxor design is not pictured)

Choice of Salt or Pepper Mill or matched set

Choice of Aphrodite, Amphora, Baluster, Luxor, or Moderna design 

10 inches tall - Signed by the Artist

Lifetime Warranty on mechanism

Purpleheart: (Peltogyne spp) Grown in both Central and South American forests, Purpleheart is well known and admired for its deep purple color.  This wood is dense, hard and brittle, with a coarse texture, so it does not polish particularly well.  It can be a challenge to work with, but finishes very nicely and has broad appeal.

Like may other brightly colored tropical woods, Purpleheart will slowly lose its bright color and turn to a rich-brown hue over time.  This may slowed somewhat by applying a finish and keeping it away from UV rays.  Availability of this wood varies so call us if you do not see it our catalog.

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