• Product Code: Vietnamese Black Peppercorns

Vietnamese Black Peppercorns - Product of Vietnam

Medium-large dark brown peppercorns with yellow-white center

Lemon/Citrus aroma makes this great for general use or for seasoning Caesar Salads

Available in two re-sealable bag sizes:

  • 10 oz  Value-Pack - good value
  • 20 oz  Magnum Pack - best value for true pepper lovers


Vietnamese peppercorns have not been widely publicized in the past, but that is likely to change as Vietnam is now producing some superior spices and is now the world's largest producer of peppercorns as well as the largest exporter.  These corns are large in size with a flavor to match.  When cracked they show a bit of yellow color and release a hint of citrus fragrance.  The peppercorns in this pack are distinctively bold in flavor and release a medium amount of heat.  They are a perfect compliment to fish or sprinkled over salads.  Try this pepper if you're looking for something unique and exotic.

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