• Product Code: Madagascar Black Peppercorns

Madagascar Black Peppercorns - Product of Madagascar

Brown aromatic peppercorn, not too hot and with a rich scent reminiscent of hickory smoke

Good choice for meats

Available in two re-sealable bag sizes:

  • 10 oz  Value-Pack - better value
  • 20 oz  Magnum Pack - best value for true pepper lovers

This peppercorn variety is largely unknown to American Chefs.  The island of Madagascar was once a colony of France and the close relationship continues with most of their peppercorns being exported to there.  Madagascar pepper features a medium-sized berry brownish-gray in color with a robust aroma reminiscent of hickory smoke or charred oak barrels.  Is especially good for meats but also very versatile for general use.  Some Chefs in France refuse to use anything else, and it is definitely one of our favorites.  Try it, you won't be disappointed.

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