• Product Code: Salt & Pepper Mill set in Snakewood

This is an exquisite set of Snakewood Mills recently completed with excellent figure.

These mills came from a single Snakewood log.  The blanks were over-sized so the Pepper Mill on the left has a finished diameter of 3-1/2 inches at the base, while the Salt Mill on the right has a diameter of 3-1/8 inches.

The surface finish is buttery smooth.  This set is offered at a price of $1,600 and includes a pair of black velvet protective bags.

Snakewood: (Piratenera guianensis)  This wood originates from Suriname and Guyana and has also been known as "Letterwood".  It often exhibits the snakeskin-like figure that gives rise to its name. Snakewood is extremely hard and dense and almost impossible to work without freshly sharpened tools.

Although this wood was once plentiful and popular with 17 & 18th Century furniture makers, it is now shockingly expensive and arguably the worlds most expensive hardwood.  As might be expected, this wood finishes to an extremely high gloss with a velvety soft finish.  Although Snakewood trees tend to not exceed 16" in diameter, we are able to find blanks large enough to produce Salt & Pepper Mills by special order only.

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