Pepper Mill in Maple Burl 

Moderna design

10 inches tall - Signed by the Artist

Lifetime Warranty on mechanism

This mill is a one--of-a-kind piece made from an outstanding example of maple burl with some black line spalting to add interest, as well as a live edge on one face near the base. Spalting refers to a fungus the attacks the woods and can create some interesting patterns and color variation not normally present.  If allowed to progress too far the wood will turn to unusable mush.  The finish is velvet smooth and this piece is lighter in weight at under 16 ounces.

Maple Burl:  (Acer Macrphyllum)  Maple burl is a growth on the big leaf maple tree, Acer macrophyllum that either occurs on the turnk surface or near the top of the root ball. It has a uniform color with dramatic figure representing large eyes and is harder and mre dense than regular heartwood.  It is a rare figure and highly prized by woodworkers.

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